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Personal best marathon: 2:18:35

Personal best half marathon: 1:02:08

Personal best 25 km: 1:19:02

Personal best 10 km: 29:12

My name is Emmanuel Biwott, 35 years old. I've been in athletics since 2003 as a long distance runner. My favorite distance is marathon. Since I started running, I've been interested on how the body works and where injuries are coming from. I had several muscle injuries by myself and always learnt more on how to heal and recover.

So my interest in sports massage had grown. In 2015 I did massage course at MOOD massage in Amersfoort.

Since then I have helped customers from all over the world!

It's my pleasure to help professional and amateur sporters to keep their body fit. Also those who have muscle strains that doesn't come from sports, I can help as well. 


I am born in Kenya and have lived in the Netherlands since 2011 and I have dual citizenship. I prefer to talk English to express myself the best, but I do talk Dutch as well.


'Misuli' is a Swahili word for 'muscles'. I believe the whole body is working as one 'machine' and therefore all muscles needs to be addressed for a good moving body.