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I believe that a full body massage will work for all kinds of muscle pains because all parts are connected to each other. If I feel there is a part of your body that needs more treatment, I will focus on that. Starting from the feet, lower legs, upper legs and the back, I will find out where your problem is and where it comes from. 60 minutes are needed to treat the whole body well. It stimulates the blood circulation. You'll feel refreshed and relaxed after the treatment.


If you experience stress or you have muscle pains in the back, you can choose this type of massage that focuses on the back, shoulders, neck and upper arms. I will use 30 minutes on this specific area to release the tension. You will feel relieved and revived.


Are you a runner, someone who walks a lot, or has to stand for a long time during work? Then this massage of 40 minutes will take away the tiredness/fatigue/pain in your legs. Both front and backside will be massaged. It stimulates the bloodcirculation and makes your legs to feel much better when the treatment is done.

If you would like to experience one of the treatments, then feel free to contact me by whatsapp on 06-11257648. Also you can message me through my Instagram or Facebook page.

I look forward to see you soon and assist you to feel better!