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Week 27 - My week with training and work!

My week!

Okay, here we go. My first blog. Happy I get a helping hand every now and then because I’m still new to these things. Okay, writing down about my week is just as much as the week really was. Here we go.


A new week and new goals. Planning is essential for an effective week.

I went for training twice.

8.5km easy in the morning and another 22.5km easy later in the afternoon.

In between my trainings I had 4 customers for massage.

Just after am done with my work, there is my favourite meal waiting for me (groentenwraps) before I head to the place of Nienke Visscher and start a tough leg-training with my Lifestyle Training group.

Totally happy and totally tired after today!


8.5km easy jogging in the morning.

When am done with breakfast I go to Volare Sports office to assist some hours for the work that has to be done. The first long season of road races and marathons is over and it’s time to plan for fall season.

In the afternoon am happy to welcome another customer for massage!

At 16:00 am heading to the trainstation Barneveld Noord to travel to Zevenaar and join Atletiekvereniging De Liemers for a tough track training.

The training went as follows:

Warm up 5km,

5x1000m (3:10 pace), recovery 100m

400m jogging

5x 800m (3:05 pace), recovery 100m

400m jogging

5x 600m (3:00 pace), recovery 100m

Cooldown 3km

Okay, that was another satisfying training and I’m trying to keep loading for next season. At times it’s not so easy to combine it all together, but am happy the way it’s going.

At 23:00 I take my dinner: ugali and snijbonen.


Heerlijk, I slept untill 9:00 am and am waking up fresh. 4 customers today for massage and another training done, 20km (4:00/km pace).

Time to relax a little bit and prepare for another evening with Lifestyle members for an enjoyable training in Voorthuizen.


25km easy, 3 customers and a training session in the evening with 2 ladies who always come for Lifestyle training and are looking for away to train to become faster. Target is 5km below 30 minutes in september. Let’s go for it ladies!


21km moderate pace.

My daughter has a show at De Voorde today from school and am enjoying watching it.

Later that afternoon am on the way with Indy to a training organised for Voorthuizen Loopt. On 13 July she will run 425m and I will be her pacemaker. After that I will run my own 10km in #teamVolare


Having a lazy day. Need to go for long run, but I decided to do it tomorrow. Yes, it is best to focus on a certain day for long run, but at times also important to listen to your body. So I take it easy today with running and decide to do tomorrow what I was suppose to do today. Another 3 customers visited Misuli Sportmassage.


40km! Let’s get it done!

At 10:00 am I am leaving the house and start a slow long run and finished the 40km in 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Watching football USA-NED with my son and after dinner it’s time to relax and sleep. The week is over. Am satisfied. It was a busy one, but a good one.

How was yours?

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